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Chairman's Message


Education should consist of a series of enchantment, each raising the individual to a higher level of alertness, knowledge, understanding and kinship with all living things. We are committed towards providing students with an education that lasts and evolves over a lifetime by infusing indispensable wisdom and knowledge to success in the fast changing competitive world. Knowledge is a liberating force and in our age it has metarmorphosised into a democratic force cutting across the barriers of prejudice and ignorance smoothing out the various disparities between human beings, knowledge has also come a long way, from being power to becoming powerful vision. It gives me great satisfaction that SHDCHE is progressing in all its endeavors towards the overall development and personality of the students.

Education is for improving the lives of others and for living our community and world better than as we find it. In this fast changing world where boundaries have shrunk and where we talk about "global citizen", SHDCHE has taken several steps to take the quality of education, training and placement to a new high. The aim and objectives of the programs envisaged by SHDCHE are:-

  • To equip the students with the latest available Knowledge, Positioning to their chosen disciplines.
  • To impart and equate Professional knowledge and skills. So as to enable them to take up careers in their respective fields of specialization.

  • It is a student centric institution which will be vocationally strong through corporate institute linkages, Campus placement, experienced faculties & other state of art facilities. In our college we offer our students a rich educational experience that rigor and cross disciplinary breath in as intimate, student center environment. We also believe -“ teaching is the highest form of understanding.’’ An education is on giving knowledge which has no an ending.

    We are moving towards making the SHDCHE with distinction, combining excellence with innovation, placing a high value on providing students with a fulfilling educational experience in their chosen discipline. We are striving towards exposure & environment to make you a truly global citizen of globalized India. We are offering a wide range of academic programs so as to provide you with a solid academic foundation and enabling you to achieve your individual goals. Extensive applied research will ensure that the best and latest developments in industry, commerce and the public sectors are incorporated into our programs. We hope you visit our campus, virtually or personally, and learn why SHDCHE can be your college of opportunity. SHDCHE in coming time will address the high demand for skilled and professional manpower for the state and may for the Country as well.

    I am confident that you will find a pathway to a bright future in a chosen career or profession. I encourage you to become a part of the SHDCHE & experience a teaching - learning process which motivates towards excellence.

    Jai Bhagwan Singh